ADR Security Solutions are experts in the Installation, Configuration, Integration and Maintenance of electronic security systems.

We are a medium sized, flexible team who have many years of experience in the electronic security industry.

Why choose ADR Security?

We see ourselves as working for you, our client and not just on another project.

We are a privately owned business and have the 'hands on' approach and dedication to be able to meet our clients' needs without the bureaucracy of a Multi -National organisation.

All of our experienced installation technicians are fully employed by ADR Security Solutions under the ETU-EBA agreement and they all hold individual private security registrations and cabling licences. 

Attention to detail and aesthetics

ADR Security approaches every project with rigorous attention to detail and a concern for the aesthetics of all of our installations.

Whether it's neatly looming cable ends within equipment cabinets or tidying up a tangle of power supplies, we aim to make life easier for the people who must use and maintain security systems long after we've left.

We're also experts at creating unobtrusive installations that don't detract from the aesthetic qualities of heritage listed and other architecturally significant buildings. 

Flexibility and great service

That means we go out of our way to ensure the client's activities aren't interrupted during installation. We'll make the extra effort to keep an existing security system running while the new one is installed, or to work around an organisation's timetable.

Our great service extends to your security staff who must use the system every day. We make it a priority to configure systems to make it as easy as possible for security staff to do their jobs efficiently.

We also offer innovative products like our electronic logbook that make incident logging easier, more efficient and less error-prone.
Just ask us for more information on how we can help make your business run more efficiently. 

Value for money and fast tunaround

Despite all the ways in which we go the extra mile, we don't cost more: in fact, because we work so efficiently, we often charge considerably less for a given project than our competitors would.

We have a strong network of suppliers which we have carefully selected over the years and have developed an excellent business relationship with. These suppliers provide us with the latest security technology as soon as it is available and at very competitive pricing.

We also offer quick response and fast turnaround times, so projects get finished quickly and expensive delays don't happen. 

For all these reasons, we've become preferred contractors for a number of universities across Melbourne. 

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